Effortlessly build sites & apps on IPFS

From local development to global deployment, Fleek is everything you need to build fast, modern sites & apps on IPFS. All in one seamless workflow.

Deploy your site in seconds

1. Connect your repository

2. Add your build settings

3. Deploy your site

No really its that simple.

New Feature!

Store & Fetch Files. Fast as Fleek.

Use Fleek to upload, store & fetch files from IPFS in an easy to use, performant, and familiar way including UI, API and CLI interfaces. With S3 & Minio compatability, built in pinning orchestration, compression, image resizing, & global CDN, Fleek’s storage solution has everything you need built into one seamless product.

Why Use Fleek?

Git Integration

Auto Deploy

Auto SSL

Global CDN

Blazing Fast

Easy to Use



The new & improved way to build web projects

One Seamless Workflow

Replace your hosting and storage infrastructure, continuous integration, and deployment pipeline workflow. Get all the tools you need to deploy and manage your site or app in one place.

Built-In Performance

Your site and files not only run on IPFS, they are also supplemented with a global, enterprise-grade CDN, allowing for speed, scale, and performance that is superior to normal hosting and storage.

Custom Domains & More

Buy or add existing .com and other top level domains to use for your site or app. You can also add ENS names to your site and other add ons coming soon!

Works for almost all sites & popular frameworks

What the community is saying

Deployed my old personal website to #IPFS using Fleek in < 10min. That was awesome, great work Fleek! 

juan.benet.ai finally has automatic SSL. :raised_hands: :lock: :white_check_mark: :tada:

Juan Benet

Founder & CEO, Protocol Labs

An amazing service doing exactly what we were looking for – Gatsby on IPFS!  We are excited to be using Fleek going forward! 

Rob Secord

Charged Particles

HYPED – just deployed my website easily to IPFS using Fleek. Fleek will be a game changer for deploying censorship resistant sites to peer-to-peer distributed internet!

Jason Schorr


Just started my journey to Web 3 and Decentralized Web. Blog is now hosted on IPFS, thanks to Fleek and their super smooth service.

Alessandro Baffa

Software Engineer

Creating your own web3 site on IPFS is as easy as pointing Fleek at a github repo or just an html file!

Molly Mackinlay

Project Lead, IPFS

All those static files are currently sitting in GitHub and anytime I push an update from my local machine, it auto builds the new site files for me! Loving Fleek so far! 



The Fleek Edge

Our revolutionary edge network combines the power of distributed p2p technologies (IPFS) and edge computing to deliver blazing fast load times for your users at a fraction of the cost. All sites using Fleek are automatically deployed to the Fleek Edge.







*compared to using IPFS directly

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